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Private Lessons and Performers Academy



$145/month In-Studio

$185/month In-Home

($170 for siblings booked


Private 30-min. lessons are taught weekly. Longer lessons are available for older beginners and more advanced students. Each lesson is specifically tailored to the needs of your student using a combination of piano-playing, games, technique, music theory, demonstration, and ear-training exercises.  My goal is to help each student become an independent music reader equipped with the knowledge and practice skills to be able to learn any piece of music they want to! 



Included in tuition.

Open to all levels, grades K-12

New for 2021, all students are invited to participate in Performers Academy classes that happen throughout the school year! Attendance is optional but highly encouraged. Each class focuses on building memory skills, stage presence, musicality and confidence in a more relaxed setting than a traditional recital!  Students also enjoy ear-training, improv, theory and composition activities, and learn about great composers and music history. Parents are invited to come in during the last ten minutes for a mini-performance!

Lessons: Lessons
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